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"Our proven, secure, scalable, e-commerce collaboration platform -- to process mortgages, from origination through funding fulfillment -- will bring cost savings and increased revenue, by revolutionizing and implementing greater operational efficiencies, throughout the fragmented $40 trillion real estate industry."

Ariu Levi
Real Estate Orchestra Group



Creating trust comes with creating credibility and to create credibility you must always have as a singular goal truly serving and adding real value to your customers.  

The Real Estate Orchestra Group --  through our proven, revolutionary real estate e-commerce platform Orchestra -- promises to always have your long term success and growth as our mutual top priority.

We succeed only if you succeed with measurable, quantifiable growth and greater operational efficiencies; lowering costs and increasing profitability and growth.

We are privileged to serve the real estate industry with Orchestra, a trusted, proven mortgage fulfillment paradigm technology that streamlines severely fragmented processes across the $40 trillion USA real estate market.



Our trusted, proven, proprietary technology platform is built on a robust paradigm web services technology infrastructure platform installed in over 1,100 enterprises across 53 countries since 2000. The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform is built on specifications  of financial institutions and governance compliance.



It should not take ten separate systems to complete a loan transaction. Orchestra's mortgage fulfillment transaction system collaborates and streamlines seamlessly with all participants on a single proven and secure platform.

We have deep expertise building secure, robust transaction platforms for financial institutions. Our e-commerce, collaboration platform streamlines and simplifies fragmented, inefficient Real Estate Industry Procedures into one cohesive intelligent processing system.



Our focus is to deliver our secure and robust transaction processing technology platform throughout the real estate industry insuring routine business rules and standards are always in compliance making us your trusted real estate technology partner.



Our seamlessly integrated platform provides the following solutions:

  • Single family mortgage origination and funding fulfillment.
  • Residential lease and rent transaction fulfillment.
  • Real estate agent lead generation and transaction collaboration.
  • Lenders and investors secure market place.
  • Mortgage Origination - currently in user testing followed by beta operation.
  • Residential Lease/Rent Portal - 4th quarter 2016.